Roadrunner Email Settings

If you would like to set up RoadRunner Email in your Android smartphone, it can be difficult to actually get it to work. Some people have given up and just setup Their Roadrunner email settings. To work through Gmail. Roadrunner Email Password Reset. You can get it working right with the Android Email program though.

Just apply these steps.

1. Launch the Email app.

2. Input your RoadRunner email address, then tap"Next".

3. Select"Personal (POP3)", tap"Next".

4. Sort your RoadRunner password, then tap"Next".

5. Input the following information for"Incoming server settings". Username: Your full email address with @maine. included at the end (this may vary according to your location. Might be or some thing


6. Password: Your RoadRunner email password.

7. Server: pop-server.

8. (this can change based on your location check here for a listing ).

9. Port: 110

10. When completed.

11. tap"Next".

12. Input the following information for"Outgoing server settings". 13. Server: smtp-server. (domain fluctuates based on place check below for a list).

14. Port: 587 (May even be 25)

15. Security type: None

16. Require sign-in: Assess

17. Username: (domain varies based on location)

18. Password: Your RoadRunner email password.

19. Tap "Next", then "Next" again.

20. Type a name in the "Your name" field. This is the title which will be shown to people when they receive email from you.
21. Harness"Next